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Cooper Sofa

With the right kind of cutting-edge design, Cooper shows an effective geometry without the strictness of sharp lines. A modern and elegant sofa, it can be defined as centralizer and cozy, able to complete and characterize an ambiance.

An unusual shape, that seems sculpted out of stone, and comes highlighted by the choice of fabrics: the softness of mohair velvet, in a warm tobacco shade, and nubuck leather.

Its uniqueness lies in a multifaceted contrast as well: “The concept is born from the shape of a parallelepiped, dug in its interior, showing a play of volumes. A neat and smooth seat opposes to the back side, dominated by the movement of the deep capitonné and the shades of nubuck leather” states Gabriele Provasi, Architect and Art Director of the Company.

Versatility and aesthetic brought to its finest by More Provasi designers, who thought of a model that could get closer to contemporary trends, but maintaining its own identity and individuality.

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